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Thank you for taking time out of Your Busy Day to reach out to me regarding Our Connection on LinkedIn

Since you were kind enough to do that for me and brighten my day and since I’m the kind of person who likes to reciprocate in kind … I’m going to offer to discuss with you any service of your choice to sort of further the introduction of us to each other.

You currently might not know this but I’m very sought after specialist in a variety of fields.

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

    This is how you show up Organically in the Search Results I do all aspects all phases.

  • Web Presence

    This is the 20k foot view of your company online.

    Where and how it shows up, how your company stacks up against its competition both from a website standpoint and a complete social media standpoint and I offer suggestions in how to overtake your competition in your market.

  • Content Syndication

    This is the process of creating the stream of consciousness that emanates from your website. So this is: Blog Posts, Video Content, Sharing your relevant content on social media, Syndicating your content across multiple platforms.

    All of this… So that in the shortest time possible you become the Authority in your niche.

  • Website Development

    Maybe your website needs a facelift or maybe you have experienced a drop in traffic because your website is not mobile friendly or mobile responsive, perhaps your site is just broken or not even there.

  • Sales Funnels

    The initial set up, monitoring of results, maintenance and split testing, and optimization across platforms making sure it plays well with other platforms.

    As you might imagine I can take what you’ve already got in place and honestly advise that it’s perfect as it is or where it could use some tweaking to catch missed sales… etc.

  • Content Marketing

    Since we live in the information age and the search engines are in business to deliver relevant search results based on keywords, it only makes sense that any destination page on your website needs to have enough content on it to be able to get the search engines attention. That’s where I come in.

  • Hosted Webinars

    Webinars are one of the most engaging opportunities to get your message across to people who are interested in you or need your services. Since they are so engaged they are much more likely to employ you and your services after a well laid out professional webinar or webinar series.

  • Sales Funnels

    The initial set up, monitoring of results, maintenance and split testing, and optimization across platforms making sure it plays well with other platforms.

  • ReClaiming a Website After it’s Been Hacked

    Reclaiming a Website or Server after it’s been hacked and more importantly I offer a website maintenance service that helps prevent the kinds of malicious attacks and business crippling events that can send the average business owner in two weeks of sleepless nights and potentially months of not knowing where to turn.

  • Video Marketing

    Perhaps your business engages visitors with beautiful pictures of your finished work or products. I imagine you’re being bombarded offers to generate video sales letters and various kinds of attention-getting products. The big difference between myself and those people is that I take a genuine interest in your business in getting to know who your potential client is so that we create media specific to that demographic so that our message to market is a perfect fit.

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Just so you get a point of clarity here, although I’m able to charge outlandish prices because of the quality of my work and capabilities, I choose not to do that.

I feel that in an open marketplace Quality, Mutual Respect and Outcomes ultimately should do the talking not just an impressive but astronomical price for services.

My work is above average. I do the work until the job is done. I work methodically and I’m very transparent. You will know what I’m doing and when (if you wish to) you also get a timeline and a true cost of services.  I don’t need to hide things and I don’t say one thing and bill you something else.

Please Schedule Our Time Together and also Choose what you’d like to talk about with me.

You can click on the radio buttons to choose what we talk about.

Likewise you’ll pick the time and date from what is available.

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Frequently Asked Questions Section

This all sounds Great Dave, what am I doing here again?

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What I am offering is a free Conversation…

You’ll pick what you’d like to discuss with me and we’ll talk for at least 30 mins.

I’ll be offing you many options and more importantly many ways to grow your business from where it is now.

My hope is the value you receive from our time together is so apparent that in some way or another you engage my services or tell business people you trust that I might be a good fit for them.



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Because I am going to do my best to change your business…

I will record what it is I’m doing on screen and our conversation with screen capture software that I use and send you a copy.


I’m doing this to be nice Yes.. I’d like to gain some business Sure!

We both know we are strangers,well I don’t know about you but I like to have a connection with my customers. Meaning we need to be a good fit as a working team if you do wish to engage me.  


Let’s Connect Today

Our FREE Phone Call will Reveal The Easiest Ways To Add to Your Bottom Line

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