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Just a few examples of Multiple Keywords and being in the first place in maps.

Wayne NJ Bookkeeping 1st and 1st
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Wayne NJ Small Business Bookkeeping

It’s understood that businesses on the front page of Google garner almost 95% of all the traffic. 67% of the traffic for that keyword goes to the top 5 listings. So, if your business isn’t showing up in those top five results, there is a good chance that you’re invisible. All your potential online clients and customers can’t buy your services or products. We can help.

Setting up your listing for a better ranking is what SEO (or search engine optimization) does. It’s important to grasp that SEO is a long-term strategy. Results can take six months or more. Depending on your business, the market, and how competitive you are.

For the sake of clarity what we offer delivers the best results for the businesses that:

1. Already have active and healthy interactions in their service area.

2. Have in place a consistent flow of new leads and customers.

3. Maintain a good reputation and offer a reliable service or products.

If your business meets/agrees with the items above, please fill out the short form below. Your answers are how we design a plan that will deliver the best results for you. And ultimately your community.

IMPORTANT: We choose to only work with a small number of SEO clients. This way we can focus completely on the details and achieving the best results for our clients. So, take your time, and please fill out the short form below but do it now!

Thank you, Dave Castle – Brick N Mortar Marketing

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